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Mere Wiltshire

Mere is nestled in the South West Wiltshire Downs. There are lots of fantastic walks around Mere Wiltshire, but here are 3 of our favourites. All these walks can be done directly from Mere (no driving required), they are easy to follow and have awesome views. We have also written a blog on top things to do in Mere if you are staying in the area for a few days.


Before you set out on one of the walks around Mere, Wiltshire

As someone raised in Devon and who has lived back in the countryside for a few years now, I know how important the right gear is. If you are walking in the UK, I urge you to bring the right clothes and shoes. I have seen so many people’s white trainers destroyed by mud.


If it is winter, spring or autumn – wellies are usually best. The mud can get pretty thick and often normal walking boots just aren’t enough. However, if you don’t have wellies, I recommend a sturdy pair of walking boots (I have Saloman walking boots and they are awesome).


Do check the weather forecast, it can be very changeable in the South West.


Finding your way 

To help you navigate the walks around Mere Wiltshire, I recommend getting It is a free app for your phone which you can download offline maps and follow them. Although not all walking routes are included, you least can work out where you are!


Short Walk

Walk 1: Castle Hill 

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Take a short stroll up Castle Hill near the centre of Mere and take in the glorious views of the surrounding countryside. Beware, near Castle Hill there is a field of goats who might try and munch on your food bag if you aren’t careful!



Longer Walks Around Mere, Wiltshire

Walk 2: Iron Age Hill Fort

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This varied hilly walk takes 1.5 – 2.5 hours (depending on your pace) and offers stunning views of the beautiful rolling Wiltshire hills. The walk goes through the old ramparts of an Iron Age Hill Fort. It is a hilly walk and the winds on the exposed hillsides can get really strong, so avoid this walk on particularly windy and rainy days. Unless you like being utterly soaked to the bone and almost blown away. 


Where to start

To start the walk, head up Manor Road and out of Mere, cross over the A303 via a bridge.  A few minutes after passing the bridge and ignoring 2 right turns, there will be a field on your right. Just after the field and before the large farmhouse, turn right. A public footpath winds up the hill (around Great Bottom). Follow this footpath up the hill to the left, not to the right. 


Head up the path. On a clear day, you will get stonking views of the surrounding area. Continue on this footpath heading up the hill further, ignoring any left turns down the hill. About 15 minutes later, when the path forks, go through a gate on your left up into a field. 


Reach a gate

Continue along the left hand side of the field, then when the field opens up, head straight across towards a gate which goes onto a little road. When you get to the road, turn left and walk a little and you will see a stile on your left with an information board. 


Cross this stile, and bear right (do not turn though) across the open space, You will reach the Iron Age Hill Fort (called White Sheet Camp on If you are struggling to find it, use and head towards the parking on White Sheet Lane, which will take you through the Iron Age Hill Fort. 


The Iron Age Hill Fort

Just after the Iron Age Hill Fort, follow a footpath that climbs down the left hand side of the hill. Wind your way down the hill until you go over a stile and reach the White Sheet Lane car park. In front of you, on the left hand side of the car park is a footpath. Follow that (it is called the Drove on Pass through a few fields and then by a war memorial in a small forest. 


After the memorial, about 5 minutes later along the Drove, turn left over a stile. Walk straight through this field keeping the hedge to your left. You will soon reach a lovely big farm house on your left with a field of goats and donkeys on your right. Continue straight. A minute or so later you will pass a road on your right, do not go down it. You will then pass a field with horses and some houses all on your right. Continue straight (heading towards Zeals Knoll on 


Fields and fields

You will reach fields again, head straight through the first field, keeping a hedgerow on your right. Follow the path straight through to the second field where the hedge will now be on your left, bearing right where the path splits. Keep Zeals Knoll on your right. You will then eventually cross the A303 again via a different bridge, and following either path bearing left or right, will pass Castle Hill in Mere. 


Keep your camera or binoculars ready for deer, buzzards, red kites, hares and pheasants on this walk. Also be aware of grazing livestock, especially bulls during mating season!


Tip: On a sunny summer’s day, bring a small picnic lunch to have on the hills by the Iron Age Fort. The views are amazing!



Walk 3: The horseshoe around Great Bottom

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I don’t think this walk is actually named the horseshoe, but the shape of it is kinda like a horseshoe so I declare it to be called this. 


This walk takes around 1 hour and a half, and offers beautiful views across the surrounding area. As a warning, it is a hilly walk and the wind and rain can be fierce when up on the hillsides. 


Where to start

Like the walk above, it starts by heading up Manor Road and leaving Mere. Turn right just before the large farm house where the public footpath goes up the hill around Great Bottom. Follow the footpath, but just before the path heads up the hill, you will get the option of 2 ways. Turn left up the hill, not right. The right path doesn’t lead you anywhere but farmland! 


Continue to climb up the hill following the walking route. Within 10 – 15 minutes, you will reach a gate on your left. Ignore it, and keep following the path through fields of cows with a fence on your left until you hit a dirt road. 


Dirt road

On the dirt road, turn right and walk straight along this fairly straight bit of road, over what is called Great Bottom (stop laughing I know it has a funny name!). After 5 mins or so, there will be a public footpath and stile on your right. Cross this. There will be a fence to your right and you will be heading back towards Mere. 


Over the hills

Carry on along this path for 15 minutes or so around the edge of a couple of fields. You will cross a stile and there will be a steep downhill bit and some buildings to your left and Mere in front of you. Head down the hill, keeping Mere in front of you, and the path will curve to the right to a stile. 


Cross over the stile, follow the path with a forest on your left and a field on your right. You will reach a kissing gate on your left. Go through the gate and you will be spat out just before the Mere ByPass. Head underneath this and back into Mere. 


Again, keep an eye out for deer, buzzards, red kites, hares, pheasants (and horny bulls!) on this walk.


Looking for somewhere to stay in Mere, Wiltshire?

We recommend Wedgewood Annex. The local family that own it are lovely and give lots of recommendations for things to do in the area. A river runs down the bottom of the garden and it has everything you need for a short stay (or a long one!). 


Here are the top things to do in Mere, Wiltshire.

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