How To Get From Colombo To Kandy (Sri Lanka Guide)

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Colombo to Kandy
The big Buddha on the hill in Kandy

Want to know how to get from Colombo to Kandy? It’s not difficult. Here’s my step by step guide on the cheapest and easiest way to get from Colombo Airport to Kandy.


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Step 1: The Bus From Colombo Airport Into Colombo

Colombo Airport is 35km out of Colombo.


You need to take the 187 or the EX03 bus from the airport. These buses are every half an hour and cost LKR 200 per person ($1.13 USD).


The bus stop is just in front of the arrivals terminal. The bus will take you to Colombo Central Bus Stand. From there it is a short 5 minute walk to Colombo Fort Station where you can take the train to Kandy.


If you aren’t getting a local SIM for your phone (Dialog and Mobitel are both decent and available at the airport) then download the app (and the Colombo map) so you don’t get lost! You can use offline.



Step 2: Train From Colombo To Kandy

Check out the train timetable. Trains can go at different times to the ones stated as well, but we were working to this schedule when we travelled to Kandy.


There is first class, second class and third class carriages. First class is nothing to write home about, so go for second class. Third class just has benches. First class costs LKR 1,000 ($5.66 USD) and second class costs LKR 250 ($1.41).


The train journey is pleasant. Pretty scenery flies past the window and they serve cups of chai (or tea).


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