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I’m Lara.


‘The world is your lobster’ is a phrase my grandad likes to say whenever I want to go on a adventure somewhere and apparently it’s also from a old film. It reminds me to throw myself into life and that there is a big wide world out there to explore!


I am from a small city in rural Devon, UK. When I was younger, my mum and I moved around a lot. This fueled my love of the nomadic lifestyle.


I have always loved learning about other cultures. For me, travelling is not just about the views or the scenery, its about getting under the skin of a country and understanding it. It is about getting an understanding of the history, politics, and social and environmental issues of a country. This can only be done by talking to the locals, truly listening, being open minded and learning. It’s about opening your eyes to everything and being a conscious traveller.


I believe in countering mass tourism through focusing on off-the-beaten track travel. I’ve seen first-hand how mass tourism can wreak havoc on the local environment, destroy communities and does not spread tourist money around equally.


Importantly, the World Is Your Lobster is all about honest travel blogging. Cutting through the hype and the aspirational Instagram travel accounts, to provide an honest perspective on the places I visit.


I am also totally obsessed with photography.



James, The Travelling Finance Guy.

travel finance

The main guest blogger for The World Is Your Lobster is James. James is my husband and he’s got a background in insurance, banking and is qualified in financial advice.


He’s here to help you manage your budget while travelling, using his expertise in finance.


Managing your finances properly when travelling is boring but important, as you cannot really go travelling for long on a budget unless you manage your money properly.


James runs Penny Radio, a podcast to help you manage your money.


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